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    Cold Weather Camping

    With Fall upon us we are all scrambling to get that one last camping trip in before we pack the tent away for the winter. But why? With a little planning and preparation we can camp in the cold weather almost just as comfortable as we can any other time of the year. Preparation I am a firm believer in checklists, anything from grocery lists to packing lists. They make my life just a little bit easier. First things first, check the weather in the area you are planning on camping and assume it will get at least 10 degrees colder than predicted. Make your list accordingly. Packing The best…

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    10 Highest Rated Tents under $100

    Tents are a staple for camping. But far too often do we find ourselves breaking the bank for a reliable tent, so I composed a list of the top 10 highest rated tents on Amazon under $100   .  Rated at 4 1/2 stars the Chillbo CABBINS 2 person tent rolls in at only $64.95 on Amazon. With many cool patterns to pick from, this tent is truly for anyone! Click here to check it out!   Rating at 4 1/2 stars the TNH outdoors 2 person tent is portable, lightweight, and easy to set up. For only $91.97 you can have this perfect tent for backpacking.  Click here to check…

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    Camping Essentials You Can’t Live Without

    Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these products. This post contains affiliate links.   What pops into your head when camping is mentioned? Do you picture yourself laying out under the stars in the forest with a dimly lit fire crackling in the distance? Or do you prefer to be high up in the mountains with a small waterfall trickling by, looking down on the world below you with only the gear you could carry on your back? Whatever your camping fantasy is, here is a few camping essentials you cant live without. Tents There is a different type of tent for every occasion, but here are a…

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    Hiking to Radium Hot Springs

    There’s nothing like a stunning natural wonder to make us appreciate the wonderful world we live in. Hot springs are no exception. Naturally warmed spring water full of minerals and nutrients make for the perfect spot to relax and soak in (pun intended) the worlds beauty. Demographics: Radium hot springs lies along the Colorado river about 30 miles from the closest town. Kremmling Colorado is a small town with less than 1,500 people about a 30 minute drive North from radium hot springs. You can either camp at Mugrage Campground, which is right across the road from the trail head, or you can park at the campground and hike from…

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    Kosher dill pickles

    Biting into a fresh crunchy pickle has got to be at the top of my favorite things list. Growing up my mom canned a lot of jellies, jams, and tomato products. But what I didn’t realize was how easy canning is! I found this super easy recipe for refrigerator dill pickles. And when I say easy I mean EASY. 8 ingredients and 20 minutes later you will have freshly canned dill pickles. Getting right to the important part, these are the things you will need: Ingredients: -12 pickling cucumbers -4 cups water -2 cups white vinegar -2 tablespoons kosher salt -1 teaspoon sugar -fresh dill -garlic cloves -black peppercorns Supplies:…

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    What I put in my first aid kit: hiking

        Being an EMT, ER Tech, and a Lifeguard, I am pretty familiar with adrenaline, trauma, and thinking on my toes. I have a passion for first aid and DIY’s (who doesnt?) which means putting together my own first aid kit is a win-win!   My husband and I are going hiking and camping in Colorado so this kit is catering to the activities we will be doing, along with the temperatures and wildlife in the area.   Medications   Ibuprofen / motrin Ibuprofen / motrin can be used to help with any inflammation or pain. Twists, sprains, strains, pulls…just about anything you manage to do motrin can help! …

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    Hi! Welcome to Ticket to Somewhere. My name is Maddie. I have had the dream to see the world from a very early age, and day by day it is coming true. I created ticket to somewhere to make a collection of tips and tricks from all of my adventures for anyone else striving to see the world. Jerron, my better half and the wonderful photographer behind ticket to somewhere, shares many of the same dreams as I. Together we have been working 80+ hrs in a week, which makes it very hard to do all the traveling we dream of.  With this blog we hope we can cut back…

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    5 Things I Wish I Knew Before My First Cruise

      Cruises are such great vacation ideas, with countless different activities the cruise line has to offer (on and off the ship), there will always be something to keep you and the whole family busy. Like we all know too well, with any vacation there are always a few things we wish we could go back and change. So, with the hopes of helping anyone planning a cruise vacation here are five things I wish I would have known before my first cruise.   Bring Warm Clothes My husband and I went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise for our honeymoon in December, since we live in the Midwest we were…

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